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SecuredbyDesignLogoNewSecured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative, combining the principles of designing out crime with physical security, creating high-level security standards. A security product is awarded Secured by Design status when it demonstrates its effectiveness in preventing or reducing crime, through passing standards and tests nominated by the police service, usually by resistance to physical attack. Newton Security Doors manufactures one of the largest ranges of Secured by Design approved communal entrance doors. Our ClassicAL, Classic2, and Portcullis range of doors all meet the Police Preferred Specification.

p8734img XLThe Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) offers third-party testing of products, confirming that products meet certain criteria, and providing a certified standard of security. LPS 2081 and PAS 24 evaluate the resistance of physical security products when targeted by intruders using stealth. LPS 2081 Security Rating B testing simulates an opportunistic attack using tools such as a bolt cutter, and a pipe wrench. Newton's ClassicAL aluminium communal door is certified by the LPCB to LPS 2081 Security Rating B, and the Portcullis range and Classic2 steel communal door have been successfully tested to PAS 24. Bradbury Group also manufactures an extensive range of LPCB certified steel security doors.

The Bradbury Group has also achieved ISO 9001 accreditation. To view our Quality Policy, please click here.

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